Known as the "moving companies" to help drum up business

    in interview with Mr LEE and Ms Van, reporters learned, both looking for moving companies experienced almost the same as seen from the moving ads posted on the wall and the moving company's address and other information, said both are not known, said such ads are everywhere.

   : If, as they say? The morning of October 30, reporters arrived near the South Gate of an old residential building in the survey, starting from the door into the unit, moving companies, professional pay sewer and other small ads, almost covered the whole wall, meter boxes, milk cartons covered space "could not be spared."

    Geely, Daihatsu, blessings, Shun fat etc, in this variety of moving companies, various names were very happy, and almost every House has only one phone number, almost no other information. Subsequently, the reporter five randomly selected moving companies, customer identity for consultation.

    "move from South pass to the Tin and Court ... ... 260 bucks, you will be responsible for packaging. "After listening to journalists free to compile the information, Geely's moving company answered Mr WONG. Reporters worry about losing a thing, he said, "it is absolutely out of the question" because customers must follow when handling. Several other moving companies also guarantee not losing things. Conforms to the answer of how to move, they sent a car and workers, when the family moved again to collect money, deal without signing any contract. Meanwhile, reporters found to "Shun fat professional moving company" contact number two, reporters call respectively the past, they said, they are the two companies, but "is of the same name."

    consultation process, the journalists are worried for the requirement to the other company's look, but was refused: "it is a car, plus a few people, nothing to see here".

    lack of monitoring customer move risks not

    research reporter found that these so-called moving company is not a real company. But in fact, there are really no small market.

    for Wuhu moving market conditions at present, reporters could not find a similar move sooner Association and other related organizations. By Baidu search, reporters find the highest concentration of Wuhu area moving market information a website and get in touch with the site moderator more than fine.

    according to Yu Wanqing introduced, along with the larger Wuhu city and moved into growing Wuhu moving growing wider. Meanwhile, many moving companies came into being, including some who fancy moving market opportunities out there to buy a car, looking for more workers, and then print ads touting in the community, a moving company that will be formed.

    "the family moved, these crude moving companies market is very large. "More than fine said that relatively low price is the main reason, but because customers move, had no formal contract, and no invoice vouchers, many problems were inevitable in the process of moving. For example, when moving, free prices, such as shoplifting, customer due to lack and are unable to move corporate accountability, claims.

    the same time, the reporter then get in touch with consumer associations in Wuhu city, surprising is that no move stolen here complaints and other conditions. In this regard, a staff member explained that this is because universal moving companies on the market, there is not a company in the provision of services, equivalent to private transactions between two natural persons, does not constitute a consumer dispute, it cannot be through Association complaint rights

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