Why need to carefully select a moving company?

    moving industry because of its particular nature, often do not have special departments for management, are relying on their own markets to regulate and control, all disputes that may arise are rooted in this, besides the lack of a good market environment. Some move will be a lot of problems.

    face the lack of norms in moving the market, engaged in years of Beijing moving company operators of considered, except as provided in relevant government departments issued the corresponding to improve moving outside the industry entry threshold, people have to choose carefully moving company in order to protect their legitimate rights and interests.

    choice of brands, has the credibility and strength of the moving company, don't just blindly by a phone call or a publicity piece to make an appointment. Best moving company negotiable, one can really understand the company situation, and second, the two sides can move time, place, price and standard of compensation for service contracts.

    for self-protection. Some important items, such as files, cash book, gold and silver jewelry to take hold. The valuable furniture to remind mover handle with care, in Beijing as a whole moving process best was followed and monitored.

    the preservation of evidence and complaints in a timely manner. Once fault of the movers damaged furniture, users should look for neighbors or others to give evidence, photos, best proof was handwriting a damaged by movers. If the other exclusions, by agreement and related in time to the appropriate Department or to further resolve the issue through legal channels.