Bad Feng Shui refused to move?

    in India Mumbai there is a 27-story of the world's most expensive mansion, but completed up to now has been idle since last year, no one is living. According to the United Kingdom, the daily mail reported on October 25, the high-rise building's owner is India's richest man, mukaishi¬∑amubani, moved into most likely because he refused to abandon the home cost $ 1 billion of bad Feng Shui.

    in addition to the 27-story top furniture and facilities, is also equipped with the most advanced luxurious home theater, a large banquet hall, 3 helipads, 6 car parks, as well as a series of "sky garden". Heads of Ambani in the United States on the Forbes rich list ranked Nineth, total assets stood at about $ 27 billion. He and his wife and 3 children are still living in the old House, the 27-story to him seems just occasionally having a party place, he had never been in this night.

    according to the sources, a lot of people asked when Ambani move, but his answer is always: "we move next month. "After that, he never talked.

    allowed such an environment pleasant real estate is really puzzling, so rumors about the House gradually increased. Reports said that the building does not meet the ancient India architecture design principles of Feng Shui, which is facing the direction the sun rises not enough Windows or other openings, so people who live here can't enjoy plenty of sunshine in the morning, can lead to bad luck in the future.

    However the claim was denied by the spokesman for Ambani, he explains, the family is between 27-storey mansions and old houses for living. The mansion criticized from the outset, Mumbai, many criticized it as being too ostentatious, and India does not match the situation of most people spending less than $ 2 a day. While people complain a lot, but it does not seem to be affected by this, but continue to flaunt. About 800 meters away from the the 27-story building where another look similar skyscrapers are under construction, this is the India textile industry and garment merchant Sunil Singhania family.