Such a move is bound to Bonanza

    move as long as they can choose an auspicious day? Ants are a very important event in Guangzhou, "housewarming" move cannot be sloppy, certainly not choosing an auspicious day of absolute time or day to move everything from China's traditional view of science, moving about quite a lot.

    select new pillow to move. Neo-Confucianism that "occupation" is a shift in sentiment, so need a pillow to occupation, in accordance with the number of families, enabling new pillow to open the door into the House. Placed in accordance with individual beds.

    when taking 21 sticks of incense burning, from the House to the left, and was smoked by smoke sweeping rooms and toilet cooker, ceiling, wall and wall, right out of the House, outside places of safety, discard it out. To get rid of the evil influence, especially for those who build in the Feng Shui is the Foundation of the House is very important.

    the day of arrival, be sure to boil a kettle of boiling water, meaning the money rolling in. While plug in basin (kitchen, bathroom, etc), open the tap, carefully to slow water flow, as long, meaning the full bowl full of meaning. Houses also can turn on the fan, round about hair dryers, blow door but don't, meaning wind.

    move the best carries a full m-meter cylinder or m barrels, barrel placed in a piece of writing with "Chang Man" red paper, 168 Yuan or placing the envelope, taking its "green" meaning.

    If we journey farther, in carry-on luggage to bring a handful of rice and a new home and a small bottle of water to the soil. Especially for moving from one province to another province and even more so, not to mention abroad. So to prevent soil and homesick.

    moved to naofang within the first days or weeks, that is sure to please friends and family and neighbors in the home of excitement: or talk or eat or entertainment, and, as lively as possible to exorcise.