How to fix move contract disputes?

    the amount of penalty by the relocation and moving companies agreed by the parties the same treatment, highest part shall not exceed the default volume accrued shipping 10%. Shipper is responsible, such as vehicles, equipment loss, loss of vehicle should be in accordance with the cargo moving and station management regulations and compensation for actual price. And supporting mutual compensation between aging, starting from the next day of arrival of the goods at arrival points not more than 180 days. Claims should be made in writing, the other party should be requested within 10 days after receipt of written compensation payment otherwise treated as a late payment. Any party shall not withhold or deduct the freight of the goods to their own offsets.

    move contract disputes mediation and move contract disputes is the performance of the Guangzhou moving contract process, in terms of moving business disputes, disputes. To resolve contract disputes, disputes between the two parties, consultation, mediation and work, called the move a contract dispute mediation. 1. Moved contract disputes of range (1) party default by caused of disputes; (2) moved contract terms no provides or vague not clear by caused of disputes; (3) in responsibility divided, and compensation calculation method, aspects caused of disputes; (4) moved quality and service quality aspects caused of disputes;; (5) for costs settlement caused of disputes; (6) other disputes. 2. Guangzhou ants contract dispute settlement methods move contract disputes nature, extent and consequences of different, different adjustment methods can be used: (1) consultation (2) the mediation and (3) economic arbitration, (4) judicial decisions. 3. Move contract disputes move contract disputes mediation mediation program, in addition to outside mediation to solve the dispute on the spot, more significant dispute should be dealt with in accordance with the following procedure:. (1) receive complaints, (2) investigation and evidence collection, (3) mediation, (4) administrative decisions. Seventh day, cargo moving document.