Moving companies seem

    If the merchant does not talk about integrity, consumers through various channels to lodge complaints, claims, but encountered an honest customer, businesses can only sigh out of luck. Recently, Guangzhou was frequently moving company customers up to some mischief, in desperation, they had to appeal to the community, I hope everyone honest.

    himself was tricked by people

    Xia Fu moved to Guangzhou City, is a staff member of the company. On May 13, a man claiming to be Liu's men call them the next day to the South of rose Park, 13 2, room No. 302 moved. 14th 6:30 A.M., they arrived in the community come out special vehicles for moving, Xia called "Mr Liu" phone call to tell his workers to the area, the other side says wait a minute and went downstairs to open the door get, but wait till people waited more than 10 minutes. Moving company workers as "Mr Liu" inform the address, try knocking at the door, but he said: "you're making a mistake, not moving, may be the unit moved across it. "Come to room No. 302, opposite, Xia and his Porter failed to find" Mr Liu ". Dial "Liu" phone, has been shut down.

    back to the company, Mr Xia once again called to ask "Mr Liu": "why you want to move, and put his hand off? "" Liu "phone temporarily out of power, he moved, address is South of rose Park, unit 3, building 2, room No. 302. This time Xia has not moved the company's car go, but their motorcycles to try fiction. To the "Liu" notify address, the owner of the House said they did not want to move, in the presence of the man, Xia to the "Liu" dial a phone, each other and shut it down. At this time, summer and realized that he was tricked.

    most moving companies are fooled

    other moving companies are experiencing similar situations? Yesterday afternoon, contacted a dozen moving company to look into the matter, including the Guangzhou famous mass move, ants, and other moving companies, talking about things they face of helplessness. Popular moving company of Mr MOK told reporters, at one point, a customer called in a rush to move, that they drove directly to the Star Lake Road 8:30 A.M. the second day a three-lane road. 7:30 A.M. the next day, movers and even drivers get Star Lake Road 5 people on time, but call the customers but shut it down. "We've been crossing still disappeared until about 10 o'clock in the morning, so we wasted almost a time this morning, but we can go about it? "Mr Mo shrugged.

    seven or eight other moves company officials also said they will also encounter similar situations from time to time, before is to open the company's first car, to the designated place to contact customers, now they call customers or send a staff member to contact, connected to the head start.

    wants the public to trust each other

    move a house usually takes four or five workers, but also to put off other businesses, prank a loss not small. Mr ban told reporters that some members of prank calls to make an appointment, they can not contact customers before driving, generally have to wait half an hour or so to arrange the next single, which delays their time. Hit play, and delay time directly affects the income of movers.

    do move this line is the strength to eat, not easy to make money, I hope everyone can understand. He wants to pass this call on them like to trick members of the public can understand the difficulty of moving companies, also between two people can be honest with each other.